NRS Ocean Logistics Ltd

NRS Ocean Logistics formely known as Interflow TCS

In 1975 Interflow’s innovative approach to the need for reliable, cost effective shipment of bulk materials in tank containers placed the company at the forefront of the industry. The company created a dedicated transportation network based on major maritime ports and linking international deep sea trade routes and overland road and rail services. In 1990 Interflow became a member of the well respected NRS Group. The re-organisation of it’s management team, a major review of it’s philosophy and operations resulted in the upgrading of overall standards and equipment. Today we continue with this “out of the box” approach with continuous investment in our operations, systems, standards, infrastructure and fleet.

A complete service is offered from door-to-door, tank-to-tank and we pride ourselves on ensuring that every shipment, however complex, is completed with the same high-degree of commitment and professionalism. Whether it is a regular, routine delivery or an especially demanding project requiring careful planning, our objective is to provide a reliable, comprehensive service to meet the every need of our customers.

We make all the required transport arrangements on road, rail and sea. We provide equipment to meet all local operating conditions and regulations, as well as the safety and welfare of the environment in each region.

Interflow is part of the NRS Group, based in Tokyo Japan, which was established in 1946, to provide logistics support for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. More recently, diversification has allowed NRS to become the market leader in the Pacific Rim as a comprehensive materials distributor for all types of hazardous materials. The business has further developed into the special needs of bio-technology transportation and delivery of radioactive resource materials for the medical and research industry.

Interflow is a leading supplier of worldwide logistics and distribution services. 

We are proud to be part of the NRS Group of companies with over 70 years’ experience in the Chemical and Food Industry.

Global business requires global solutions and only an experienced, truly global operator can meet the needs of today’s demanding markets. At the heart of Interflow’s operations is our core fleet of tank containers