Orbit Logistics

Orbit Logistics is one of the leading international providers of Inventory management solutions (VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory and SCM - Supply Chain Management) and Global real-time data acquisition.

Our company, founded in 2003, provides a modular System for electronic process data management and operates a global network with our own data processing centers. A highly qualified team, consisting of over 40 engineers and technicians, offers custom all-in-one solutions for process monitoring and management. Under the Umbrella of Orbit Logistics AG our company serves clients worldwide:

  • Orbit Logistics Europe GmbH, Leverkusen - the European market
  • Orbit Logistics Office in Toulouse (France, Belgium, French Part of Switzerland)
  • Orbit Logistics Americas LLC., Alpharetta, GA/USA - the north american market
  • Orbit Logistics do Brasil - the Latin American market


Since the year 2000 our company (former ATplan GmbH) has been successfully carrying out VMI-Projects in the process industry:

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical Colorants
  • Chemical Water / Wastewater
  • Chemical Food and Beverage
  • Chemical Logistics, Storage and Transport
  • Chemical Energy
  • Chemical Cement