Poliport was founded in 1971 in Dilovası, on the land rented from Kocaeli Revenue Office, General Directorate of National Real Estate. With its jetty, pier, embarkment, and warehousing facilities, Poliport is one of the largest ports, closest to İstanbul on the Anatolian side.

Kocaeli Port is not only Turkey’s but also that of European Union’s one of the largest and the most important ports with a close proximity to the industrial zone where ~45% of Turkey’s GDP is generated. Kocaeli Port has a 18% share in Turkey’s foreign trade and 16% share in the cargo handled.

Poliport is the only independent chemical storage terminal, which does not carry out merchandising, but gives storage, handling services for the products of the third parties and one of the few liquid storage terminals. Poliport, which has a terminal area with customs, eligible for import and every kind of transit trade practices; is the leading terminal of the Kocaeli Port.

Poliport is only 30 minutes away from Istanbul, 25 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, 400 meters from the new bridge, 1 kilometer from TEM (Trans-Europe) Motorway, 1.8 kilometers from D-100 Highway, and it is crossed by a railway. With its close proximity to the strategic gateways, Poliport is logistically advantageous.

Poliport increased its bulk liquid storage capacity from 229,000 cubic meters in 2016 to ~237,000 cubic meters in 2017. Having invested ~$13.5 million in 2018 for the capacity increase to be commissioned in 2019, Poliport plans to selectively continue its long-term investment plan in 2019, with an investment of ~$12 million.

Turkey’s foreign trade, Poliport’s increasing capacity and the expected synergies to be realized with Holding Companies are to generate business volume for Poliport and that contribute to the sustainability of the revenue growth and profitability trend.