Polynt Group

Polynt has been active in the production, sales, research and development of organic anhydrides and their derivatives for over 60 years.

Its membership to the major chemical intermediates sector allows the Company to have a central role in the process that ranges from petroleum refining to the production, sale and distribution of end products on the market.

The company operates internally throughout the production-distribution chain divided into the following activities:

• Research and Development

• Production planning and raw materials supply

• Production process, quality control and logistics

• Storage

• Sales and after-sales assistance of end products

Its key products are:

• Anhydrides: phthalic, maleic and trimellitic

• Specialties: GPP, SPP, special anhydrides, special esters, catalysts and acids

• Composites: UPR, moulding compounds, SMC- BMC, gel coats and bonding pastes

• Coating resins

• Others

With the cooperation of 4000 employees worldwide, Polynt Group is growing fast as global chemical leader.