Port Authority of Castellon PortCastelló

Message form the president: 

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to PortCastelló, a port for everyone. A port of opportunities, the best ally of the productive sectors and the best neighbor for its environment.

We are one more link in the logistics chain of our business fabric, we are the essential economic engine for our territory, lubricating the machinery for generating employment with the investment capacity that always characterizes us.

We grow in sustainability, with the diversification of traffic and investing in environmental management. Busy and concerned about applying the best environmental practices and generating the least possible inconvenience to our immediate surroundings.

We must strengthen the sense of belonging to PortCastelló of all the citizens of the province of Castellón. This port-province link must become the base where the growth of our port roots and where the productive sectors of our province take advantage of the added value that using the port means for them.

Only the collective effort generates great projects and turns them into reality. Hand in hand with the entire human team of the Port Authority and with all the efforts of those who make up the Port Community. Thus, we must all work together to make PortCastelló a better tool for our companies and our workers, a better ally of the environment, a safer, more competitive, more attractive and more sustainable place.


Promote the blue transition to connect ourselves to the world.


To be a benchmark for sustainable logistics development supported by digital transformation, generating trust in our environment.


Integrity, respect, innovation, progress and responsibility.