PSA BDP | BDP International, Inc.

PSA BDP, a leading provider of globally integrated and port-enabled supply chain, transportation, and logistics solutions, has focused on the chemical sector for 56 years. We handle thousands of international chemical transactions each month, serving a wide range of customers across all sub-segments of the chemical industry (including hazmat classes 1-9), including 8 of the top 10 global chemical manufacturers. Our team of experts is well-versed in the evolving dynamics of the chemical supply chain, understanding the full scope of regulatory and business complexity involved. Services include LLP/4PL solutions; origin management, export freight forwarding; import customs clearance and regulatory compliance; trade management services; analytics and optimization solutions; multi-modal transportation; DG/non-DG contract logistics/warehousing; barge services; complementary "Port+" services; project logistics; and supply chain visibility and predictive ETA tracking through proprietary Smart technology and applications. PSA BDP is a unit of PSA International, the leading global port operator and trusted supply chain partner to cargo stakeholders. For more information visit: