Quest Group

The Quest Story

Quest Group was founded with the aim of servicing major industries worldwide to meet their needs of chemical, oil and steel products.

Quest’s unique sourcing and marketing capabilities, strength of our logistics network, solid capital base and wide network of offices located strategically around the globe have enabled the company to experience an extraordinary growth rate since inception. These advantages have enabled it to become a major player in strategic markets in the energy and metallurgical space.

The experienced management team and its sound relationships with major financial institutions have enabled the company to develop a reputation as a reliable and innovative trading partner.

Currently, several new offices, especially in the Middle-East, are being added to the international network, allowing the Company to be even closer to its clients and to keep in line with its aim of “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

Business Description

Quest Group is a chemical, oil and steel products trading company operating worldwide, with offices in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, and the former CIS countries.

Its offers a diversified portfolio products such as aromatics, fiber, intermediates, steel slabs and billets, coke and coal, base oils, gasoil, gasoline components, solvents, plasticize, and others.

It has a strong hold across the supply chain including refining production facilities, storage facilities, trading operations, shipping and logistics, and consulting and financial services.

The company has a strategically well-positioned logistics network and storage capacity in several key markets. The experienced team of energy specialists and senior traders offers valuable trading services, supported by tailor-made financial solutions, to both producers and consumers of commodities.

Being privately-owned and independent, with a flat hierarchical structure, allows Quest to act swiftly and decisively in volatile and rapidly changing market environments. This key advantage enables Quest to react faster and more effectively than its competitors to imbalances in the market.  It also enables Quest to penetrate into emerging markets when the opportunity arises and to develop innovative products and creative solutions.