Sasol Germany

Sasol in Germany, an innovative company in the chemical industry, produces customised products and solutions for the chemical processing industry. More than 3,000 customers worldwide rely on our diverse product portfolio to manufacture detergents and cleaning agents, paints and coatings, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, catalysts, high-performance abrasives and plastic additives as well as candles, clipboards and much more.

Apart from our administration offices in Hamburg, we also operate production facilities in Brunsbüttel, Marl and the port of Hamburg in Germany as well as emulsion plants in Linz, Austria, and Birkenhead, UK. Our plants primarily produce high-quality surfactants, fatty alcohols, ethylene oxide, paraffin and synthetic Fischer-Tropsch waxes as well as emulsions, petroleum jelly and inorganic specialities, for example high-purity and ultra-high purity alumina. In addition, we produce a range of speciality chemicals including heat-transfer fluids, phase change materials and high-purity triethylaluminium. We continually develop and enhance our product portfolio in close collaboration with our customers and adapt our production processes to new findings and market requirements.