SILOMAR S.p.A. is a Shore Installation in the port of Genoa where are stored, loaded and unloaded liquid “C” class (not toxic, flash point over 65° centigrade). Most commonly handled products are:

- vegetable oils
- biodiesel
- glycols
- petrochemicals products
- organic and inorganic chemical products, corrosive and uncorrosive

SILOMAR was founded in 1951. Eleven shoretanks of a capacity of 6.420 cubic meters were built and SILOMAR started its activity of loading, storage and discharging vegetable oils. A constant expansion trend of SILOMAR’s facilities resulted in a total storage capacity of 22.663 cubic meters in 36 tanks by 1959.

A further development of SILOMAR’s Shore Installation took place in the seventies reaching a total storage capacity of 29.196 cubic meters and 41 tanks of various dimensions.

Shortly after SILOMAR increased its capacity by 6.438 cubic meters adding another 34 smaller tanks resulting a total capacity of 35.564 cubic meters. In the light of the constantly increasing chemical product traffic, SILOMAR built in an area next to the depot eleven new stainless steel tanks, each of 1270 cubic meters, increasing the total capacity to about 50.000 m.c.

During the years 1998-2000 was completely renewed and extended the section Silomar 2, reaching a total storage capacity of 53.577 cubic meters. From 2005 to 2007 Silomar achieved a further enlargement and built a new section , Silomar 3, composed of 14 new tanks with a capacity of 24.500 c.m. SILOMAR’s total storage capacity reaches now 78.000 c.m., 70% of which in stainless steel.

In September 2013 a railway sidetrack has been completed: located inside SILOMAR shore installation and 215 meters long, it is equipped with a loading/unloading system and with two platform scales.

Furthermore, in March 2013 SILOMAR bought out the majority share of Depositi Costieri Savona S.p.A. (, a shore installation located inside the Savona port.