A French, independent and family group

The Sogestran Group is 73 years old this year.

Our local, national and international experience, our eagerness to perform well, the work of each individual and the trust of our customers have positioned us as the leading French river transporter and reputed shipowner. We are designer, investor, manager and operator of our fleet.

Our core business is the high value-added transportation of goods. Our experience in the field as well as our technical expertise allow us to imagine and create tailor-made solutions. We are creators and assemblers of solutions.

In line with our knowledge of the logistics of hazardous materials, we have also developed ‘services to industries’ which includes repairs, tank cleaning and the storage of hazardous materials.

Our teams are made up of passionate experts at all levels. Whether in search of transportation solutions, in the design of a boat and, of course, during navigation.

We are an innovative, structured and reliable industrial force, always focused on quality, human and environmental respect.