solvachem sp. z o.o has been present in the Polish market for over 20 years.  Formerly, for nearly 15 years it was known as solvadis polska sp. z o.o.

It specializes in distribution of raw materials and chemical additives to customers from a number of branches of industry.

Ms Elisabeth Lürenbaum has been the President of the Management Board since July 2000. The registered office of the company as well as its main logistic base are located in Wroclaw.

The range of products offered by solvachem sp. z o.o is very broad. It includes both base chemistry products intended for further chemical treatment, as well as specialist agents used in production of market products in a number of industries.

The company is active in the sector of production and processing of plastics, rubber, paints, building chemistry products, the food industry as well as in the fuel industry, and most of all in biofuels. We also have in our offer products used in a number of branches of industry, such as oils and lubricants indispensable in almost every production plant from pharmaceutical unit to a giant mine.

We continuously obtain and offer for sale high quality raw materials and thus among suppliers of solvachem sp. z o.o. we can indicate several renowned production companies from Western Europe and America, and with them good and well-known brands of chemical products. solvachem sp. z o.o. is a flexible company, open to customer’s needs, that is why its offer is not fixed. We do our best to respond to demand, for new products reported by customers. We observe market development and keep our offer up to date.

We operate in accordance with the standards and the directives of the European Union. The main determinant of our activities is the REACH ordinance as well as other ordinances regulating trading chemical products. We are not indifferent to the growing environmental problems. We all want to live in increasingly cleaner environment, surrounded by more and more environment friendly products. That is why we pay a lot of attention to education and information activities consisting mainly in showing our customers a possibility to use more environment friendly chemical products in their production. We actively participate in introduction to the market agents that have a less harmful impact on the environment and of products applicable in more ecological production processes. Many raw materials offered by solvachem sp. z o.o.. have various ecological certificates and are used in manufacturing products that have such certificates.

solvachem sp. z o.o. for years has maintained a good, stable position in the market. It is confirmed by a number of awards received in relation to the high position in rankings by independent publishers and industry magazines. Already as solvadis polska sp. z o.o., the company was awarded the prestigious prize ‘Gazele Biznesu’ several times. The prize is granted by Puls Biznesu magazine to the most dynamically growing small and medium businesses.  In 2013 the company was a winner of the title “Diamenty Forbes” (‘Forbes’ Diamonds’). The Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015 confirms complaince by our company with requirements for the quality management system in the area of trade, distribution and marketing in trading chemical substances and agents.

solvachem sp. z o.o. actively acts in order to promote chemical products. It takes part in the industry conferences, fairs and exhibitions. Apart from this, it is an active member of Polska Izba Przemysłu Chemicznego (Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry) and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Przemysłu Kosmetycznego i Detergentowego (Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry).