Synthos is a global company, working with customers all around the world. Our business activity is focused on the main segments: Synthetic Rubbers, Styrene Plastics and Dispersion, Adhesives & Latex.

We are also the producer of plant protection products (Agro). We are one of the industrial pioneers which has incorporate SDGs (Sustainable-Development Goals) and a Circular Economy philosophy into their strategy and put it into practice. We create innovative company with a significant position in the global market, which allows to obtain and maintain the position of one of the leaders in innovation in the chemical industry. At the same time we try to be close to our customers to meet their needs and deliver a product that fully meets their requirements.

We constantly make profound changes in the sphere of production and work organization. In this way we were able to develop a coherent, integrated management system that made us one of the most modern and environmentally safe chemical companies in Europe. For the sake of environment we constantly control impact of the chemicals on the environment. It's one of the reasons that our solutions stands on the highest posible level, providing our clients an advantage based on the latest technologies.

We run 5 plants manufacturing products for our clients. The plants are located in Poland, Czech Republic, France and Netherlands.