TankMatch is the pre-eminent service company specializing in the transport and storage of mineral oil products, liquid chemicals and renewable liquid products. We transport by rail, on rivers and canals and through the seaports of Europe. Every day, we serve our customers in the chemical, mineral and sustainable sectors.

Our two divisions, TankMatch Inland Shipping and TankMatch Rail incorporate experienced teams, and a modern fleet of double-hulled tankers and tank wagons. The infrastructure of rail and inland waterways are among the most environmentally efficient means of transport.

With 35 employees working in the company, the group, in 2019, transported 10.5 million tons, of which 7.4 million tons were carried on inland waterways and 3.1 million tons by rail. This was achieved by deploying a fleet of 53 tankers and a pool of 2500 tanker wagons, managed by wagon management.

We are continuously looking for partners who understand that fairness and reliable communications are the mainstay of a long-term partnership. We always aim to achieve perfect conditions and solutions for complex transport issues by rail and inland waterways.

TankMatch, the right partner for the best match between cargo and shipper. Why not contact us to see if we can become your partner in transport.