Trade Data Monitor

Every time a car, banana or iPhone, ton of steel, copper or aluminum, or load of iron ore, coal or oil is shipped, it’s counted. We get that data straight from customs agencies all over the world, and package it exactly how you want.

We tell you exactly how much of your product is being exported and imported, and where and when that’s happening. We publish the most up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate trade data in the world, in crystal-clear databases that are easy to sort and read, and detailed by tariff code, value, weight, price, currency, and, when available, port and region. 

We are world-renowned global trade experts with decades of experience in supply chains, commodities, import and export statistics published by national agencies and the UN, and a passion for unsurpassed customer service.

That means we always take your calls and work hard to get you the data you need to develop the best marketing strategy.