Our origins are dated back to 1975 when, Pascual Pardo, thanks to his family support, started  his trajectory in the transport sector in Tarragona after buying his first truck: a 16 tones Pegaso Comet that set the starting point of what we know today as Grupo Transpaís.

Our company was initially specialised in feed bulk transport, covering Catalonia and Aragón 24/7.Thanks to hard work and determination, the number of vehicles increased and so did the number of clients and orders. Altogether allowed the creation of the public limited company TRANSPAÍS, S.A. in 1986

In 2001, responding to the clients’ needs for a greater and more complex logistics solution, TRANSPAÍS S.A moved to our current facilities in La Selva del Camp, creating a new division: Transpaís Operador Logístico.

Our warehouse in Constantí, was created in 2009 in order to increase our storage capacity.

At the same time, aiming to cover our clients’ demand of national and international transport and to offer a wide range of services to satisfy them, the company invested in new types of transport: road trains, taut liners, dumper trucks for cereals (feed bulk transport), metal scrap trucks (transport of metal scrap and waste) and more recently container trucks (for containers transport and intermodal), as well as moving floors.

In 2005, Grupo Transpaís decided to become integrated into Grupo Astre’s capital in order to keep the existent flexibility of a medium-sized company together with the power of a large business group.

In 2006, our subsidiary in Colmar (France) started  its activity and became our first subsidiary outside Spain that would help to improve our European coverage. In 2009, a new intermodal section was created and through that section, the company offers now a wide range of services including sea transport, railway transport and road transport. Some other complementary activities such as DEPOT and repair of containers are also available.