Transport Gheys

From horse and cart to fully-fledged logistics services

for four generations, Gheys has made it its calling to ensure that goods reach the right destination at the right time. Since the early eighties, the youngest generation, including brothers Dirk, Carl, Luc and Bert has held the company's reins firmly in hand, making sure it stays on track. Supported by their professional teams, they have developed the company into a niche logistics player in the petrochemical sector, actively responding to customer needs. Their eagerness and dedication to investment in new projects and sustainable solutions is what makes Gheys one of the leading players in the petrochemical market.

The history of Gheys dates back to the tail-end of the 19th century. At the time, the brothers’ great-grandfather performed local removal of products arriving at Mol station by horse and cart. During the inter-war period, grandfather Gheys bought his first truck, which was later to be requisitioned by the Belgian army. In the 1960s, Gheys resumed operations and the company's growth quickly accelerated. 

Initially Gheys was responsible for the transport of packaged goods for the petrochemical sector; however, in 1980, when the sector collectively shifted to bulk goods, they made sure to follow that trend. In 1991 it began its logistics activities so that local industry would receive additional support. It soon became apparent that the location in Mol was inadequate in terms of size, so the company decided to buy a 22 ha site in Beringen in 1997, which was later to be extended by an adjacent 20 ha site in 2013. Meanwhile, more than half of these sites have already been occupied by storage silos, warehouses and sites offering specialised services. There is no doubt that Gheys will continue to expand in the future in order to provide its customers with the support they need.