UNIGAS operates the vessels controlled by the Pool Members of the Unigas Consortium, which was founded in 1969. Today's fleet comprises 36 vessels, of semi-ref or fully pressurised type.

UNIGAS specializes in the safe and efficient carriage of petrochemical and petroleum gases on a worldwide basis, with the solid foundation of long term Contracts of Affreightment and Time Charters with many of the major international oil, gas and chemical companies.

UNIGAS is able to offer the service and flexibility expected in today’s rapidly changing global product and shipping market. This is enhanced by UNIGAS operating a large, modern fleet of technologically advanced vessels, which meet and exceed the highest quality and operating standards.

UNIGAS’ partnerships with its customers’ logistic and shipping businesses, positions them to meet the future challenges of the worldwide oil and chemical industry and to continue to serve their long term demands.