ViVoChem is a wholesaler and distributor of chemicals, or chemical (basic) raw materials, which are used in many industries and sectors. Every day ViVoChem supplies a wide range of, among other things, acids, alkalis, solvents, glycols, surfactants, peroxides, etc. in the Benelux and parts of Europe. For example, ViVoChem supplies basic chemistry and additives/ auxiliary materials to the animal feed industry (these are the feed-grade chemicals). ViVoChem is GMP + certified for this. GMP + is the certification for the animal feed industry that ensures feed safety in the entire animal feed chain.

ViVoChem also supplies a wide range of raw materials in the food industry (these are food grade chemicals, designated by the European government by means of an E number). In order to deliver these products safely and responsibly, ViVoChem is HACCP certified. This certification guarantees hygiene and food safety throughout the food chain.

For the cleaning and personal care sector, ViVoChem has a specialized range of (sustainable) surfactants available, known under the brand name "Tensidol". These green surfactants have specific properties necessary for an optimal effect of cleaning agents, detergents, shampoos, soaps, etc. Various products in this range have innovative eco-certificates including Ecolabel, Ecocert, Natrue and RSPO.

The paints and coatings industry benefits from a wide range of solvents, each with its individual properties, tailored to achieve the right formulations in paints, coatings, lacquers, sealants and adhesives. Finally, to the industrial sector, ViVoChem supplies a variety of basic chemicals, from an ever-growing range of no fewer than 450 different chemical raw materials, for all productions and processes in industrial and technical sectors.