54th Virtual Annual Meeting

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    EPCA Annual Meeting is Europe’s largest event for the global petrochemical business community.

    It gathers corporate and thought leaders – bringing together both vision and C-suite savviness – to analyse and drive forward the industry and its positive impact on the world.

    This year’s 54th, digital edition will aim to take our audience beyond the new normal and envision petrochemical industry’s contribution to “Building a Smarter, Circular and More Inclusive Post-Pandemic World”.

    It’s been, undoubtedly and unprecedentedly, a challenging year for the petrochemical sector. But this crisis has highlighted, like never before, the significance, vitality and resilience of our industry, and that’s something to celebrate at this year’s EPCA Annual Meeting.

    Much remains unclear and uncertain, nevertheless, our objective is unchanged – to make our industry smarter, more circular and inclusive. The crucial question at this year’s event will be: how can we contribute to the economic re-emergence? And how should we proactively face the new political and social winds, accelerated by the pandemic?

    We’ll need both your sharpest critical and blue sky thinking in finding answers to these and many other questions. How to maintain and accelerate progress on key industry projects for our sector and its downstream value chain, including the sustainability agenda? How to strike the right balance between maintaining competitiveness, boosting the economic recovery and executing the sustainability roadmaps?

    The pandemic augmented and accelerated the need for creativity and innovation, and that will be high on our agenda this year. The petrochemical sector, a traditionally carbon-intensive industry, made strong commitments and real progress in addressing climate change.

    Innovative CO2 reduction technologies significantly reduce the emissions at petrochemical sites and in transportation. Additional efforts are in works to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, through innovative technologies and new collaborative approaches.

    Chemical products themselves play a great role in lowering the carbon intensity of the global economy, through their critical applications. Continued developments in chemical recycling are empowering the transition to a more circular economy.

    The leadership of our sector will be of critical importance, as green transformation remains on the top of the European political agenda.

    The event will showcase EPCA’s own innovative push – a brand new community app and virtual event format will open a new phase in our digital expansion. This year’s developments from our programs, from sustainability and leadership to supply chain and logistics, will highlight our growing role as Europe’s leading ideas marketplace for the global petrochemical community.

    Let’s get together, even virtually, and build a vision for a smarter world – beyond the New Normal!


    With COVID-19 on everybody’s mind, our forward-looking conversations will take place over three days:

    Day 1: Navigating Towards Future

    Four renowned captains of industry, at the helm of world’s leading companies, will share an array of insights into the new normal economy and a path towards stronger and smarter re-emergence.

    Day 2: Standing Strong, Moving Fast

    We’ll analyse, define and reframe opportunities to identify the right way forward to together build the logistics and supply chain of the post-pandemic world.

    Day 3: Sharing New Perspectives

    Audience will take a deep dive into the trends shaping China’s post-pandemic recovery, with a particular focus on the energy sector, and form a brand new understanding of the post-COVID outlook for global cooperation – from trade to climate change.

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