Intermodal Transportation Network (ITN) Workshop

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Intermodal Transportation Network (ITN) Workshop

    ITN Workshop 23 April 2024

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    This in-person workshop is facilitated by Deloitte and the EPCA Supply Chain Programme Committee and aims to address the greatest obstacles for intermodal transportation. Collaborate with industry peers to define tailored and realistic solutions as well as to share, learn and align on best practices.

    During this day Deloitte will share their insights on industry challenges and the outcomes of a preparatory survey that will be sent to participants, as well as the benefits of the industry working together on this topic. You will be able to engage in interactive breakout discussions, where stakeholders across the industry will discuss obstacles to intermodal transportation and collaboratively develop solutions. Deloitte will provide a framework for participants to take with them for a concrete action plan to implement in their companies.

    Since spaces for this workshop are limited and no online streaming will be provided, only EPCA members in good standing and invited association representatives will be able to join the workshop. In addition companies are asked to send up to 2 representatives, ideally selecting profiles with specialised expertise who can contribute valuable insights during the workshop and effectively implement the outcomes within their respective organisations.

    Cost for the workshop:

    €150 excl. Belgian VAT per person for workshop on April 23rd

    €195 excl. Belgian VAT per person for workshop and dinner on April 23rd 

    During the optional dinner networking with peers and presenters will continue.
    The location for this dinner will be disclosed at a later stage.

    Booking Deadline was 8 April 2024 23:59 (CEST)

    Terms & Conditions

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    Introduction & keynote

    • Welcome from EPCA
    • Overview of the day's objectives and guidelines
    • Keynote speech from Deloitte, setting the baseline understanding of the problem and proposed solutions, as well as sharing the results of the preparatory survey

    Align on challenges

    • Breakout into stakeholder groups to identify specific obstacles to increasing Intermodal Transportation
    • Align on the challenges to be focused on in the afternoon session

    Lunch break

    Develop solutions

    • Mix stakeholder groups to brainstorm solutions to the challenges identified
    • Creation of individual action plans for short, medium and long-term solutions


    • Reflection on the day and commitment to next steps, through a framework provided by Deloitte that fits the actions to a “5-5-5” plan outlining what is needed in the coming days, weeks and months per stakeholder group


    ITN Workshop - Presentations