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Leadership Reimagined: Sonia Bingham

Interview with Sonia Bingham, Global Sales Manager at ExxonMobil by Marina Ismael Michen, Business Sustainability Leader at Dow.

Leadership Reimagined: Sonia Bingham

The ladies covered the following topics in their talk:

  • Supporting employees during Covid-19
  • A successful career!
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Embedding D&I in the company culture
  • Your leadership model
  • Leadership lessons life has to offer
  • The importance of empathy in the workplace
  • Facing post-Covid challenges
  • Attract new talents to shape the future!
  • How to motivate more women to join the sector?
  • Communicating the role of petrochemicals in our society

Watch the conversation between Sonia Bingham and Marina Ismael below.

This interview is part of the Leadership Reimagined initiative, a new series of conversations with leaders in our sector reflecting on how to overcome the current challenges and build a more #inclusive and sustainable future for the petrochemical industry. The programme is run by the EPCA Talents of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow committee.