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Leadership Reimagined: Victoria Bews

To be successful, you need to bring people along with you. That’s the leadership trait you won’t learn in a business school or read in a book, says Victoria Bews, procurement director at Agility

Leadership Reimagined

“2020 is not a year I would like to repeat”, Victoria is honest to say. And the industry is still very volatile, as the pandemic is far from over and the sustainability challenges become greater.

“Everybody agrees it needs to happen, but if we really are going to be successful and hit these goals and stay competitive within the industry, then it may hit your bottom line. Unfortunately, and we’ve seen this accelerated by COVID, some really good initiatives have stopped because they cost money.”, she points out.

Bews is also concerned that the industry is quite slow-paced in terms of change. “How much is the industry at the forefront of social media, for example? Because that's how young people now apply for jobs, view the world, get their news.”

She argues that the sector needs to send out honest and credible messages to young people and society at large. “It can't just be lip service. You can make statistics speak in your favour, but young people aren't stupid. It is about a real commitment and engagement with local communities, so people can see the difference companies are making.”

One piece of advice she would give to a young woman or man embarking on a career path?

“I would just say: do what makes you happy! That's what I'll be telling my children. Because in the long run, you can chase money, but it won't necessarily make you happy. Follow your heart!”

Watch the conversation between Bews and Christoph Girmann below.