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Working Groups

EPCA runs various supply chain working groups for the chemical industry including: Talent and Technology: Drivers for supply chain leadership, New technology as an enabler of sustainable chemical supply chain and Transparency and openness in chemical supply chains.

Working Groups
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In 2012 and 2013, these working groups have been dedicated to: how to build global sustainable supply chains that adequately address complexity and uncertainty. The results of these working groups were compiled together in the 2013 EPCA Chemical Supply and Logistics Chains report dedicated to “Sustainable Chemical Supply and Logistics Chains – The Path Forward”.

End-to-End Enhancement

Computer modeling and dashboards to optimize a global supply chain.

Issue addressed: Strategic sourcing - Global manufacturing footprint
Supply Chain Practices: Decision support based on computer modeling Collaboration
Benefits: Competitive advantage

Fuelling Flexible Solutions

The biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) supply chain.

Issue addressed: Managing complexity - Reducing uncertainty
Supply Chain Practices: Vertical integration - Collaboration with authorities - Flexible sourcing and production
Benefits: Flexibility - Sustainability (planet)