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TTLT Q1/2023 Updates

TTLT Q1/2023 Updates
Latest news from the TTLT, an EPCA committee made up of people from diverse backgrounds of EPCA Member Companies representatives - reflecting on how to ensure that the Petrochemical industry attracts and retains the best talents, necessary to ensure a smart, resilient, sustainable and inclusive world.
Talents of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow (TTLT)

In January, the Talents of Today Leaders of Tomorrow Committee (TTLT) met to plan for the year ahead. They discussed the continuation and setup of the EPCA STEM Day event and reviewed the EPCA board's input on expanding the theme to include work-life balance's impact on the industry's younger workforce. They also talked about a joint project with the SCPC on attracting and retaining the industry's missing workforce, including topics like mental well-being, sustainability, and ESG.

During their March 16 meeting, TTLT agreed to focus on ESG benchmarking and conducting a study on young workforce perception and recommendations for improving graduate attraction and retention.

Leadership Reimagined

For the past two years, members of the EPCA's TTLT have conducted interviews with several industry leaders to explore potential solutions to current challenges and ways to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for the petrochemical industry. We are pleased to present a highlight video featuring key messages on the theme of Future Leadership.

Watch here the other interviews.

The Next Gen Leader: Driving changes, building the Future

At the 56th Annual Meeting of the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA), a round table discussion hosted by the TTLT Committee discussed potential opportunities presented by COVID-19 for leaders to shape the future of work. Additionally, they examined how companies can be fortified and made more sustainable by constructing more inclusive and diverse workforces.

Speakers included Luisa Boaretto (DOW), Nicole Brausch (Evonik), Lada Kurelec (SABIC) and Santiago Garcia (Founder of the Future for Work Institute). The session was moderated by Augusto Lopez-Claros, Executive Director of the Global Governance Forum and former World Bank and IMF economist.

⬇️(re)watch the session in full 📸 Pics available here

The benefits of Mentorship Programs

Mentorship and sponsorship are the most effective tools for developing high potentials, retaining the best employees and enabling diverse talents to succeed and climb the company career ladder. Thanks to the support of EPCA member companies, the TTLT investigated common challenges and best practices on the why, how and what of setting an effective mentorship and/or sponsorship program.

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EPCA TTLT wants you!

Our Talents of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow (TTLT) committee is looking for new members! By joining the TTLT you will actively contribute to EPCA's activities to put D&I at the heart of leadership and talent management and to encourage the rise of STEM in Europe.

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