Talents of Today Leaders of Tomorrow (TTLT)

The TTLT committee is made up of representatives of EPCA Member Companies with a diverse and multicultural background when it comes to age, gender, function, educational and career – reflecting the needs of the industry. Its primary objective is to ensure that the Petrochemical industry attracts and retains the best talents, necessary to ensure a smart, resilient, sustainable and inclusive world.

The TTLT operates via three thematic subcommittees:

  • The D&I subcommittee (SC) encourages EPCA member companies to pursue recruitment and talent management practices that will lead to a modern, diverse and inclusive environment to boost creative thinking and adaptability that innovation requires.
  • The STEM Promotion subcommittee (SC) underlines the leading role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines in the sustainable transformation of our society and highlight opportunities for STEM graduates to make the change happen by working within the petrochemical industry.
  • The Leadership & Culture subcommittee (SC) looks at various types of inclusive leadership, aiming to define the leaders that our industry needs today and help identify the leaders of tomorrow. 
Gina Fyffe
Senior Manager Internal Controls
Marco Benedetti
Deputy Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion SC
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Lucia Costa Rausa
Chair of the STEM Promotion SC
Senior Polyolefin Healthcare Specialist
Joris Goethals
Deputy Chair of the STEM Promotion SC
Supply Chain Manager
Deputy Managing Director BU Liquids
Head of HR - Project ONE
Business Sustainability Leader
Team Leader Export Operations
Maria Pilar Rojas
Vice Chairperson
Corporate Culture Manager
Aromatics Business Team Leader
Annemieke Vos
Deputy Chair of the Leadership & Culture SC
Global HR Business Partner
Global Account Director, Chemicals