57th Annual Meeting

- | Vienna
EPCA57 - Vienna

Details to be announced

Attendee registration will open in May 2023.

Program Overview

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Morning   EPCA Session:
Opening &
C-Level Debate
EPCA Session:
Supply Chain
EPCA Session:
Talents & DEI
Evening Official Opening
Walking Dinner
Sponsors & Partners

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Small Print

Sustainability practices at #EPCA57

Climate change is not a myth and natural resources are finite. Responsible consumption and production are at the core of the UN’s SDG 12. At EPCA we want to contribute to a clean future by choosing whenever possible sustainable and green venues, suppliers and products. SDG 12 goes hand in hand with SDG 13, which is a call to take immediate action to combat climate change and its impact. As we know that the Annual Meeting has a significant impact on the environment, this is also where we can make the biggest difference. Here’s what we do to support this goal:

Avoid unnecessary use and distribution of paper collaterals

Materials and waste: Whether printed or digital, all communication has an impact. The collateral produced for an event is an important contributor to its environmental footprint. The flyers, banners and other needed communications have an impact that depends on their volumes, materials used, finish and format. Furthermore, promotional material, in various forms by company members and different publications, that were frequently distributed at EPCA's Annual Meeting. This has an environmental footprint in its production phase and contributed to the event’s waste, since a big portion (80%+) of this was discarded at former EPCA events.

Offsetting our carbon footprint

EPCA plants trees in partnership with activities in the destination or by supporting WeForest to offset the carbon footprint of our activities. WeForest restores threatened forests and landscapes in tropical regions and biodiversity hotspots. Their focus is the well-being of the communities where they work.

Efforts related to the venue and F&B

Reducing food waste, water and energy consumption; encouraging the recycling of materials post-event.  

Stimulate the EPCA community to take action

We ask our attendees, partners and sponsors to make conscious choices when it comes to transport, travel, collaterals, food, water and electricity consumption.