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SCPC Outlines Key Strategic Priorities for 2024 (Q4/2023 Updates)

SCPC Outlines Key Strategic Priorities for 2024 (Q4/2023 Updates)
Latest news from our SCPC committee highlights key strategic priorities for 2024, focusing on infrastructure restructuring, digital transformation, and fostering strategic collaborations.
Supply Chain Programme Committee (SCPC)

The Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC), currently engaged in extensive discussions regarding the 2024 strategic launch, will present a comprehensive set of proposals to the EPCA Board in early December.

In addition to a clear focus on the establishment of the Intermodal Transportation Network (ITN), which is discussed in more detail below, the SCPC intends to address several key issues that may shape the course of the coming year(s):

● Th Evolution of Europe’s Economic Dynamics: The shift from an export-driven to an import-driven model will require a fundamental restructuring of Europe's infrastructure. The SCPC plans to examine strategies to strengthen and expand infrastructure to align with future requirements.

Digital Transformation: Harnessing the power of primary data aggregation is key to improving the efficiency of supply chain operations. At the forefront will be an in-depth discussion on the use of leading-edge data collection technologies for supply chain optimization.

Strategic Collaborations: In line with the overarching theme of this year’s Annual Meeting #EPCA57, the committee aims to foster strong links with various associations. This initiative aims to forge collaborative partnerships for the implementation of diverse projects.

Further insights and detailed information on the proposed pathways will be shared with EPCA member companies after deliberation and formal approval by the Board.

Accelerating Transport Decarbonisation

Supply Chain session at #EPCA57

The Logistics Session at #EPCA57 focused on the topic!
"Accelerating Transport Decarbonisation in Logistics & Supply Chain" delved into the pivotal role of supply-chain decarbonization in corporate climate action. Focusing on the challenge of addressing transport-related supply-chain emissions (Scope 3), the session highlighted the complexities faced by leading companies in obtaining data, setting targets, and establishing standards for suppliers. Keynote speaker Robert Jan Huizing from Deloitte Consulting led the discussion, emphasizing the need for collaborative initiatives and innovation. The panel of speakers, included executives from Covestro, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, Smart Freight Centre, Dow, and HELM AG, shared insights on navigating this complex landscape. The replay of the session can be accessed HERE.

EPCA Intermodal Transportation Network (EPCA ITN)

A platform by EPCA for its members to jointly identify best practices around Intermodal Transportation.

Interested in joining the EPCA Intermodal Network? Register HERE

Intermodal Transportation - a way to meet 3 future challenges!

1. Carbon neutral by 2050
60% less CO2 Emission in Intermodal vs. Truck transportation

2. Over 1 Mio. Missing Truck Drivers by 2026
Better work-life-balance for drivers and fewer drivers needed in Intermodal

3. High demands for Customer Experience
Good planning between Shipper, LSP & receiver and a better capacity utilization on the key corridors of our chemical industry improve customer experience

Let us work together to identify best practices on how to...

● Save CO2 emissions with Intermodal transportation
● Plan a resilient Intermodal Supply Chain door to door
● Increase your current Intermodal share
● Understand the impacts on your customers

In Workshops, we are going to collaborate on above mentioned. The 1st Workshop will take place in early 2024 in Brussels. Stay tuned!

Aim for

● Net Zero
● Resilient Supply Chains
● Delighted customers

For whom is it relevant?

This network is for Shippers and Logistics Service Providers, who are members of the EPCA. It does not matter if you are transporting, buying or selling liquid or packed petrochemicals.


Further information on the session is available HERE.

Organization of the EPCA ITN:

● Dr. Uwe Arndt - Head of Integrated Logistics Covestro
Samuel Alonso - Sales Director LKW Walter
Sanja C. Magdeburg - Director Supply Chain HELM AG
Michail Stahlhut - CEO HUPAC AG
Jan Arnet - CEO Bertschi AG

Repository of best practices to optimize the supply chain from a sustainability perspective

Within the petrochemical sector, numerous strategies and tools have been developed within the supply chain to offer tangible and sustainable solutions. The Repository serves as a valuable resource, containing best practices and real-life examples of "learning from experience" shared by EPCA members. We invite you to contact should you wish to add to this collection. It is important to note that all information within the Repository is contributed by the stakeholders themselves, who retain the responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the content.


Next meetings

Wednesday 24 January 2024 10:00-11:30
Wednesday 24 April 2024 14:00-17:00

The SCPC is currently composed of 20 members representing petrochemical producers, LSPs, distributors, digital companies and peer sectorial associations - and is coordinated by EPCA.

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