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SCPC Q2/2024 Updates

SCPC Q2/2024 Updates
The latest news from our SCPC committee highlights focusing on the intermodal transportation network and the intersection of economic survival and environmental responsibility.
Supply Chain Programme Committee (SCPC)

In the latest developments from the Supply Chain Program Committee, the EPCA Intermodal Transportation Network (ITN) successfully held its first workshop. The event brought together over 41 participants from the petrochemical industry to tackle the common challenges of and identify potential solutions for increasing the use of intermodal transportation.

Looking ahead, the Supply Chain Programme Committee is preparing a workshop focused on the critical task of combining economic survival with sustainability goals, scheduled for November 2024 in Antwerp.

EPCA Intermodal Transportation Network held first workshop

At the end of April, the Intermodal Transportation Network (ITN) organized its first workshop in collaboration with Deloitte. The aim of the workshop was to address the common challenges and potential solutions for increasing the use of intermodal transport within the Petrochemical industry. Over 41 participants joined the workshop, creating a vibrant and productive atmosphere. They shared their experiences and expertise, demonstrating the industry's commitment to explore the potential of intermodal transportation as a solution for reducing CO2 emissions and improving supply chain resilience.

The workshop outcomes were consolidated into an action plan template tailored to the specific needs of Shippers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), and Operators. These templates provide guidelines for the necessary actions to be taken by each persona and include suggested actions and their sequencing over a 5-day, 5-week, and 5-month timeframe.

More information can be found here.

Creating a business case for sustainability

Another focus area of the Supply Chain Programme Committee, as well as pushing towards a modal shift, will be sustainability and circularity. In particular, the group is preparing a workshop on how to combine economic survival with sustainability, which has been tentatively set for 6 November 2024 in Antwerp. The workshop will be hosted by Agoria, the Belgian sector federation of technology industry companies, and will look into the best use cases regarding technology that can help the petrochemical sector. The group hopes to also bring in knowledge experts to share a European perspective on how economic growth can fit into the EU’s sustainability goals.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative as the industry continues its journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future!

From Player to Leader: Europe in the Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain session at #EPCA58

The Logistics Session at the EPCA 58th Annual Meeting - scheduled on Thursday 10 October in Berlin - will be dedicated to “How Europe can remain a leader in the Global Supply Chain” and will explore how Europe can maintain or even regain competitiveness against petrochemical players in other regions of the world. What changes are needed to help Europe evolve? What is the role of intermodality, collaboration and digitalisation in this change?

For more information on the programme, visit the EPCA58 official website.

📹 In the meantime, you can re-watch the video of the Logistics Session at #EPCA57, dedicated to accelerating transport decarbonisation.

Next meetings

- Wednesday 25 September 2024 10:00-11:30 (virtual)
- Wednesday 6 November 2024 TBC (in-person workshop)

The SCPC is currently composed of 21 members representing petrochemical producers, LSPs, distributors, digital companies and peer sectorial associations - and is coordinated by Lydia Pernal-Stoddart.

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